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“Water puke” and hot men in uniform!

So today I only had 3 big things to do:

1. Go to the gym and train with my personal trainer Aida.

2. Hand in job applications.

3. Go find a recruiter near me.

Pretty simple right? well…today started off as such a bad day…as soon as it hit midnight it just seemed as though my day would be filled with bad luck. My mom,with out telling me, moved all my clean clothes from where I put them and put them in an entirely different room so I spent a very long time searching for my clothes because I had to pick out what to wear to the gym. After what seemed like forever I was able to find some clothes. Just when I thought that was the one and only bad thing to happen that day I lost the directions to the recruiter’s office that I was planning on going to after the gym. I just gave up and decided that I would go to some other place that I heard about that was easier to get to than the original place I was going to. Right before I went to sleep I decided to look at the last check my job gave me to see how much I made….They only payed me for an hour when I was clearly there all day! I emailed them and I’m still waiting for a reply think I might just have to go in and talk with them as soon as I can..

I went to bed at around 3am pissed and oh so very tired. I set my alarm for 7am but for some reason decided to push “snooze” and didn’t wake up til 8:22. Of course I freaked out because my 1 hour training sessions start at 10am and it takes about an hour just to get there so I basically just had about half an hour to get ready and leave. I got ready and left my house a little after 9am and waited at the bus stop for a bus. But it never came! Four buses passed in an hour and none stopped at all for me or the other people waiting at the bus stop. Of course I was pissed and called Aida explaining to her what happened and that I couldn’t make it and she suggested I just go in at a later time. Thank God she allowed me to still come in. I decided since I was already late and didn’t need to come in for another hour and a half I should just hand in the job applications that I was going to hand in later in the day. I handed in the applications and then was finally able to get to the gym to start training.

Training went well. I had no idea how out of shape I was until today. Today was the first REAL day of exercise I have ever had. But of course I made one mistake..skipping breakfast! I recommend everyone eat breakfast before exercising in the morning. I had an empty stomach so I felt that awful emptiness inside me plus I never liked drinking water much because it gives me this weird nauseating  feeling that makes me want to throw up, not sure why but it does. And guess what? I did just that! At the very end of our session I think I drank just a bit too much water at once and threw it right up! At least it was just water since I didn’t eat at all that day haha so it was very easy to clean up and it didn’t smell at all luckily.

After I drenched the floor in my “water puke”  I went to go find this building where the National Guard Recruiter was located in. Only took about 5-10 minutes to travel about 30 blocks thanks to the train. I got to the building but could not find any entrances because there was construction on a part of the building. I walked almost all around the building when finally I seen two soldiers coming back from lunch and entering the building from a side door not accessible to normal civilians like my self haha. I stopped one of them with a head nod and he stopped walking into the building and smiled. This is how our convo went:

me: Hey you look like someone who can answer my question
hot soldier:*smiles*
me:um is this the building where i can find a recruiter? I can’t find a door to get in.
hot soldier: um..yes and no…
me: *blank stare*
hot soldier:follow me..my friend just happens to be a recruiter he can help you.
*walks into building goes downstairs..upstairs..down other stairs..up some more stairs and finally down some more stairs.*

While walking throughout this maze of a building this very attractive soldier asked me quite a lot of questions like how old I was, what college I go to, why I was interested in the guard and just other random stuff. We then went down a sort of long hallway and at the very end was a nice office all by itself  and we walked in and… :

hot soldier to hot soldier 2: hey this is Joslyn thought you could help her
hot soldier 2 to me: how did you find my office o.O

I couldn’t help but smile and replied with a very simple short answer..Google Maps. He smiled and said “Have a seat”  We began talking about the Guard and why I’m interested and filled out some work and took a practice ASVAB test. I thought I did horrible but turns out I did very good just got two questions wrong. Surprised me because I thought I forgot all that stuff haha So turns out the ASVAB really is as easy as people say it is. After the test we just talked a bit more and he gave me some advise on how to lose weight and get fit easily. Now all I got to do is finish my online application and hand it in and then my recruiter will be able to get me ready for taking the ASVAB. Wish me luck! And also pray that these Advil pills I just took will help ease the pain that my legs are beginning to feel thanks to an hour and a half of lower body exercises!


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