Decisions Decisions…

What happens when you get get hardly any financial aide for university, you get no scholarships approved and can’t even take out a loan, you practically fail your first semester of college, and your adviser gives you some not so good advice that causes you to make the worst choice in dropping and adding not so good classes? All this and more caused me to have to choose between staying at State College, failing my classes and getting stuck with paying back my mom for taking out loans for me or going back to Philly to live with my parents until I could find some type of way to pay for college on my own.
    While on winter break I was looking up some job openings for a friend who needed work and I came across a post that said “Go to college 100% Free!”  of course I thought it was a scam but I proceeded in clicking it out of pure curiosity. I read it and found out it was for joining the Army National Guard! I have always wanted to join the military but decided I’d just go straight to college instead. Personally I always wanted to be a Marine but after finding out about the National Guard I wouldn’t mind joining the Army. I instantly knew that this is what I wanted to do. I automatically began filling out the application and the next morning told my parents and younger brother that I will be applying to join the National Guard. Of course my mom disapproved and didn’t (and still doesn’t) approve of me joining the military, but my dad and brother are very supportive and excited for me. Since my dad was in the Army when he was younger he thinks it’s really cool that I want to join. Me and him have a lot in common. We both love sports, video games, history and of course the military. We spend most of our time talking about just those four topics, because I mean what else is there to talk about?
     Well back on topic!..I returned to campus (after a long 4 hour bus ride) and soon found out that I could no longer stay there because the last loan that I applied to was denied so I couldn’t finish paying for the semester. It was very heartbreaking since I would be leaving all my friends and of course the fact that I wouldn’t be able to complete a whole year. I then decided for sure that I just had to join the National Guard because it was my last hope. Then following two weeks I spent preparing myself and researching as much as I could on what exactly the National Guard was and what the requirements are. I meet all of them except one. The weight requirement for my age and height..I’m 8 pounds past the requirement which isn’t that bad at all because 8 pounds can be lost quickly. But weight isn’t my problem…it’s more of the fitness requirements that are sort of scaring me. I can’t do 10 push ups to save my live. I can barely get passed 5 without practically dying. And I would have to do 19 to pass the fitness test. I am not the most fit person in this world. I have never really exercised much in my life because I never thought I had to since I have always been skinny-ish haha…of course that all changed when I started college and gained 13 pounds (very sad). My mission is to lose weight, get in shape, and get into the Army National Guard by January 2013.

So my friend suggested I start a blog to show people my “journey” of getting fit, losing weight and becoming a soldier.  I will be writing about all the types of work outs I will be doing and also my changed diet of eating healthier and also just other obstacles I will have to get through to join the military and get back into school! I’m not used to telling people much about my life and the things I have to go through so this should be interesting!


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